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Dadi Holdings re -mobilizes high -standard farmland construction work: grab the progress to coordinate and ensure the completion of the task 11-12
The Dadi Holding Party members, cadres and cadres and employees donate more than 150,000 yuan for flood resistance 11-11
Dadi Holdings holds the work deployment and docking meeting for receiving Shanxi Forest Cao Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. 11-11
Li Weiping investigated Jingle 10 million tons of green sandstone mine project 10-18
【Flood Control and Disaster and Restaurant】 Stormy and rain currently heard "Flood" and fight "Jin" to protect the Ping An of Ping An 10-16
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Dadi Xinya became the 2021 Taiyuan International bc game casinoMarathon Games Meteorological Service Provider 09-30
【Transformation and Development New Road】 The Dadi New Asia will realize the localization of my country's satellite receiving processing system 08-22
Extending the new application of satellite remote sensing to get out of the new pace of military -civilian integration -the 297 Research Institute of the Dadi New Asia and China Weapon Industry Group held a symposium for deepening cooperation 08-20
Good News: The Earth Xinya joined hands with Huawei Cloud to create a Xinchuang Industry ecological chain 07-21
A good news from the Science and Technology Innovation Center: The establishment of a new breakthrough in the establishment of the Dadi Holdings Scientific Research Project 08-09
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5 land comprehensive rectification project planting management and protection service project in Lan County 05-17
Select the ingredients and material distribution suppliers of the Employee restaurant of the land holding employee restaurant 05-17
Lan County 5 Land Comprehensive Remediation Project Indications Reporting Reporting Library Technical Service Project Inquiry Betting announcement 05-17
Shanxi Landdi Haike Yuguang Coal Electric Solid Washing Comprehensive Utilities Comprehensive Utilities Primary Project Construction Bidding Announcement 05-17
Yiliang County Quality Reform Drought Reform Investment and Construction Project (First Batch) Cultivation Land Management and Care Service Project Second Inquiry Betting Announcement 05-14
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2022 Display Listed List Disclosure Form 03-22
Shanxi Dadi Environment Investment Holding Co., Ltd. guarantees that migrant workers' wages pay rights calls 01-12
Announcement on reporting related matters related to counterfeit state -owned enterprises 09-15
2021 Corporate Leaders' Salary Statue Table 02-20
Shanxi Dadi Jinnan Ecological Environment Co., Ltd. in the first quarter of 2022 Finance and other major information disclosure 06-30
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